While the Yoga classes and retreats are led by some of the world's leading Yoga teachers, all levels of expertise are welcome to try Yoga. You do not necessarily have to be in one particular retreat or hotel. Depending on the availability and season/time there is always some Yoga experience that can be arranged. Talk to us if you are looking for a specific Yoga experience and we will get the experts to answer you. We also offer Private Yoga experiences of any level, for those who are staying in a private Villa, where the instructor can visit and offer you personalised classes. 

You may start with a short pranayama; usual lessons may be in Hatha, Ashtanga, Flow or other styles. You may focus on alignment, opening the hips, relaxation or balance. Typically, your class with end with a short meditation and shavasana.

And because everything we do is bespoke, we can craft an indulgent holiday that focuses completely on a spa, detox or yoga experience, or combine a spa stay with something else, such as a city break or a few days on a luxury beach villa, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.


In case you are a self-licensed spa guru, or simply seeking of a rejuvenation experience to satisfy each inch of your body and soul, we offer a wide selection of options in Sri Lanka or Maldives.  From indulging wraps, facials, pedicures, saunas, steam rooms and hydrotherapy pools to intensive Ayurvedic and Detox programmes. Ayurveda use a natural approach to healing, in which it seeks to cleanse and detoxify the body and balance the doshas.

The Shirodhara, is a divinely tranquil experience in which a stream of warm herbal oil soothes the third eye chakra. Guests are treated to a gentle rhythmic massage of the body with the Anointment treatment. In this treatment, Amangalla specialists use lashings of warm herbal oil to encourage regeneration and relaxation. These treatments are combined in the Ayurvedic Ritual. In addition to the Shirodhara and Anointment treatments, this ritual features a steam and a warming cinnamon scrub to enhance the experiment. Their Ayurvedic doctor is available for private consultations.

Guests are given the chance to experience a number of rituals in the treatment chambers. The massages offered are meant to heal and comfort the body. The Balinese massage utilises long strokes and acupressure to create a blissful and beneficial experience. A traditional dry massage, the Thai massage blends assisted yoga style stretching, movement, and deep tissue pressure point massage. In addition to the manicures and pedicures offered by Amangalla, the baths also feature treatments like the Body Buff and the Polish & Swathe. These methods use special ingredients to brighten and renew the body.