Book a luxury walking holiday in Sri Lanka. Walking holidays in Style, featuring country houses and boutique hotels, combined with wonderful trails. You might think that there cannot be anywhere left in Sri Lanka to surprise a walker. This is how I thought until I was 16, when I pulled my pair of trekking boots, filled a rucksack and started pounding around this island on foot. I walked the Dolomiti in the Italian Alps, but there is nothing to choose between a climb to see the sunrise at Adam’s Peak, as the experiences are completely different and equally thrilling!

We have set this walking, trekking and climbing in Sri Lanka at a different pace, taking the temperature into consideration. It is different from the Andes or Alps experiences: in fact, totally the opposite. If you are an experienced walker or trekker, maybe you have done the Everest or the Aconcagua, but it is not the cold the factor here but the heat: the sun at noon can be challenging, but relax, it’s doable! The itinerary is not focused on the intense long walks. This can be tailor-made to your groups and levels of fitness. The itinerary has a good balance for a walking experience.


A family holiday in Sri Lanka is recommended all year round, whether it is a 6-weeks summer holiday, your Christmas-New Year Holiday or even if you have a Easter holiday break for a short vacation. Any time of the year Sri Lanka has two pristine coastlines for a memorable family holiday

For children of 4 years and above there is lots of fun to expect: a visit to a Turtle Conservation project, to see an elephant in the wild or to hop in a boat to see the largest blue whales on earth and the dolphins having their swimming competition. This can be educational and fun. 

If you have older children travelling with you, there is both education and adventure waiting to indulge them.We can introduce you some river expeditions and camping, some trekking in remote villages and a natural pool bath (maybe to tease them, some leeches!), volunteering in a animal welfare project, white water rafting, a safari or even a tented-luxury experience at the end in Yala National Park (which boosts the highest density of leopards in the world, according to recent BBC studies). 




Oh Yes!! We are well aware of the fact that his cannot be a Luxury African “BIG FIVE” experience... However, for the Safari enthusiast who has had the African experiences, it can be still a thrill to explore the tropical lush safari National Parks of Sri Lanka. It is obvious, Sri Lanka does not have the BIG FIVE land animals to admire, but we do have the Biggest Land animal, the Elephant, the highest concentration in the world of Leopards and the biggest marine animal, the Blue Whale. Did we convince you now? The Holiday has a combination of 4WD Safari drives in National Parks to see the animals in their natural environment, with luxury tented camping experiences spotting the leopards, the endangered Sloth bear and Elephants, and hopping on to a boat to see the Blue whales, Sperm whales and Dolphins. If you have children with you then there is the additional fun of Spotting crocodiles, wild buffalos, water monitors and snakes.

Figuring out the right accommodation style and comfort level for you is a very important consideration when planning a safari, and there are many different options to choose from.

While mobile luxury tented camps put you closer to the action, they don’t offer the creature comforts of more luxurious Boutique and safari lodges. Some travellers don’t mind the compromises of more basic accommodation styles if it means better access to wildlife. For others, only a warm bath at the end of a long day will do.

Join us in a completely unknown experience into the Nature of Sri Lanka, its birdlife, wildlife and the village tranquility of its habitants. We work only with local operators that have strong environmental and ethical policies for the respect of natural wildlife environment. Live as a local in a village and stay in accommodation that recalls the traditional Sri Lankan village architecture. Walk through the villages, countryside and jump into a full-immersion experience of Sri Lanka’s National Parks, from the Central Province to the South-Eastern Province of the island.



It is always recommended that you have done some homework about the birdlife in Sri Lanka before your travels. If you have done some research on birds in Sri Lanka, then it will be of no surprise to discover the rich birdlife Sri Lanka has to offer.  With our specialised bird guides you are sure to encounter some endemic and migratory birds, if you happen to pick the right time of travels. With more than 450 bird species comprising of endemic, resident and migrants, Sri Lanka is a fascinating birding destination for viewing a great variety within a relatively short period. 

We are not birding experts and neither anyone of our team, so we would not pretend to say something that belongs to a professional. 

We have highly qualified Naturalists and good bird expert guides to answer your questions; anything you need to know.

Please write to us and we will contact the right Experts to answer you.



You'll discover another side of Sri Lanka on this off the beaten track journey, with the rural and agricultural life of its habitants. From the Western to the Eastern (Summer) or Southern (Winter) Coast, climbing the hills of this pearl Island, you will be able to live and and have insight into unique experiences of organic agricultural lifestyle and the struggles of farmers, local communities and small enterprises that dare to think differently, in order to respect and maintain the amazing biodiversity of Sri Lanka.

  • Experience a day with the fishermen of Negombo;
  • A local fisherman's catamaran ride on the sea or lagoon
  • Visit organic home gardens and spices; 
  • Village experiences on the central hills with the farmers; 
  • Lunch with local Sinhalese and Tamil farmers in the Eastern Coast and try to spot the difference between the two different cooking styles; 
  • Spot Elephants in Minneriya, Lahugala or Gal Oya National Parks; 
  • The peace of a organic estate on the hills of Nuwara Eliya; 
  • Sleep in unique Eco-lodges and Tree Houses handpicked by us during the whole itinerary; 
  • Trekking through the paddy fields and the village and bathe in a hidden waterfall.

Scuba Dive + Snorkel in Style


As diving is becoming quite popular in the exotic destinations, we are happy to advise scuba divers on locations in Sri Lanka and Maldives. We can help you suggest the wonderful places while you polish your underwater skills. During our research, we found plenty of places in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Of course, Maldives is the place if you have to choose between these two destinations.

Diving in style is a concept built around the hotel you will be staying. The dive itself is luxurious in terms of what it has to offer. We combine the diving experience with the style of villa or resort you wish to stay.  We are paying attention exclusively on luxurious properties in Sri Lanka or Maldives, where you could not only enjoy incredible diving, but also stay in style. The holidays we intend to suggest represent the most luxurious places where you can dive, snorkel or just relax.

The Central Maldives: The islands, hotels and diving of the central atolls are all first-class.

The Maldives by Live-aboard: Simply put, this is the best way to dive the Maldives. Full stop.

The Northern Maldives: Choose the right season and this is the place for mantas and whale sharks.

Dive the Southern Maldives: Venture south to uncharted territories and you are in for a treat.