Our website is designed to assist the discerning independent traveller on the insider tips for their lifetime holiday.

You'll notice our website doesn’t offer packaged trips here or any list of Hotels either. That’s because each of our experience is exclusively designed around your interests. We want to share with you the most mesmerising and satisfying luxury experience possible, and we’ll work closely with you to create an itinerary that exceeds your hopes and expectations.

In this ever changing destination on its services, it is difficult to list properties and itineraries that could stay on the same level of standard forever: they change and they change so much. To avoid this hassle of listing and un-listing properties frequently and to live upto our standards of holidaying, we came up with a much practical approach. We like many travel service providers locally or internationally do not list properties or itineraries on our website anymore, instead offer our customers in-depth knowledge, practical and an upto-date update/review of the accommodation and experience: You get in touch with us with your personal expectations in your holiday. Then, we act looking at your trip dynamic, style, and budget: which properties and experiences suit you.

Each product is exclusive in some way: Small Luxury Hotels, Nature Retreats, Ecolodges, Private Beach Villa Rentals and memorable travel experiences. The most important factor for us is regardless of cost - either cheap or expensive - that we try to make sure that they are responsible with the local culture and nature, so the environment needs not to pay for the holiday.


Maybe you have an obsession such as yoga, meditation, spa, cooking, photography, collecting antiques and arts. We have a network of local insiders and it allows us to arrange exceptional luxury travel experiences based around your interests.
Wherever you are in Sri Lanka, we can connect you with yoga gurus, expert guides, chefs and gallery owners so you have a real tailor-made inspiring luxury travel experience.
Most likely, the only thing you know is that you want to go to Sri Lanka for the first time, or surfing, diving, adventure, safari of just beach or honeymoon in the Maldives.  We will share our insights and guide you to the perfect spots for your own private luxury travel experiences.
No matter how you wish to travel, our insider connections mean that these extraordinary moments are always a part of our experiences, With local guides on the ground and as we are the partner with choice for many properties around Sri Lanka and Maldives, we can provide you with selective insider access to receive the best service available and the experiences that other local travel companies simply can't provide. Our experts will know just how to make it happen.


When Vinod Gordon started Paragon Holidays back in 1999, he dreamt of being able to offer the most inspirational experiences for those travelling in Sri Lanka. He understood that travel should be astonishing, thrilling, fascinating, rejuvenating and unforgettable. That is why he selected a staff of passionate individuals who are able to meet these expectations.


We travel differently. We craft one-of-a-kind luxury travel experiences. Talk to us about the trip you’re dreaming and we’ll make it a reality.

We will build an entire tailor made itinerary designed around your requirements. This allows you to explore your own interests, select your own style of accommodation and travel at your own pace. You are not beholden to a group itinerary or schedule. All local travel arrangements are made using private guides and drivers wherever possible.

Please see TAILOR MAKE to design your own style of travel in detail.


It is good be extremely Picky. And to be extremely selective we believe you should have strong insight into the ground-handling of the destination. We live here and we know the best, we've done the hard work for you. We care for the small differences in your stays, how the service is offered and the style it is presented...we understand those travellers who look for these simple luxuries...Our team of experienced world travellers have spent plenty of time discovering those spots you should go, see and stay. If you are busy and have no time to plan your holiday, you need to look no further.


We are very passionate about the experiences we offer our travellers,  whether it is a Boutique hotel , Spa experience or even a recommendation of restaurant. We often visit the same hotel to see if the service has changed and if so for better or worse, we know the little details as a designer traveller you look for, as we do the same. Sometimes we go beyond, if we have to arrange a special surprise for your birthday, honeymoon or anniversary -it is a small call away with the same time zone. You won't find the same level of detail. Ask us for the insider tip on our favourite local Boutique Hotel, The beach Villa, restaurants and Cafés, Guides, Yoga teachers, Spa therapist, art collectors, the jazz shows in Colombo, Naturalist, Historians, best walks and Maldivian beaches. We'll be happy provide all the information you need to know about the destination.


One specialist will handle your booking from start to finish and ensure that all your travel needs are met. We speak seven languages and write them almost on advanced level or native (French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish and English). Bear in mind that we are not a large company handling large quantity of inbound travellers and neither are we looking for such traffic: sometimes the process of knitting your dream holiday may seem a bit longer as we are a small office; but if we give you a deadline or you give us your deadline dates, we will make sure to keep it met.


Our Prices of properties match or beat the leading booking search engines, where hidden cost and taxes are only displayed at the last stage of the booking confirmation payments. As a Local Agent, our offers are attractive: however, we only sell holiday as a package and not as sole night or two.  Some of our off route experiences are exclusive and we challenge that it could not be matched or experienced by any other providers, all are satisfied customers know that the experience was a good value for your money.


Paragon Holidays works in close cooperation with the local Social enterprises and non-profit organisations, in the promotion of project itineraries to different European and extra European markets. Tourism, according to our view, has been conceived as an income that integrates the local communities current livelihood activities and not as a form of economy that "destroys" the other existing economy (agriculture, fishery, small trade, etc.). 

The local community guides and the other village service providers we work with (tuk-tuk drivers, families that provide lunch etc.) receive a fair price decided by them. A percentage of their profits goes to the Farmers’ Societies common fund, so that the whole community can benefit from tourism and not only very few people from the village. Paragon Holidays does not charge any profit on these activities, but only the guiding costs. Besides, Paragon Holidays donates part of its total tour profits to the farmers’ societies involved in that specific tour. This virtual circle contributes not only with direct cash help, but also through the indirect support of small micro-businesses on a village level: Paragon Holidays is therefore recognised as a same level Social Business partner on a Fair Trade Policy and not as a charity organisation.

Travelling with Paragon Holidays will ensure you a unique experience: you will know that part of your costs will help to improve the standard of life in the rural areas of this beautiful island. If you wish to know more about our Responsible Tourism policy visit our page here. If you wish to read more about our Community-Based Experiences visit our THRILL page.


Our staff in Sri Lanka and our travel advisors around the world are highly experienced and possess years of travel knowledge. Back in the early 1999 - when Paragon Holidays was born over a couple of meetings with a Tour Guide - Tourism was in an early stage of development and Sri Lanka was a beautiful pearl yet to be discovered by most travellers. However, the Internet has driven a travel revolution in the recent years. In-addition to this - after a start with some travel agents in the Netherlands - Paragon Holidays has been part of this revolution, proud to be the fastest-growing expert for tailor-made luxury travels to Sri Lankan holidays, since 1999.

The staggering array of geologic, floral, and faunal diversity in Sri Lanka makes it the premier tropical destination on the planet, and we are constantly re-exploring, discovering new places to delight and satisfy our clients. We look forward to planning your trip!

Paragon Holidays is a registered Private Limited company in Sri Lanka. Founded in 1999, Registration No. 48263 and 20139 under The Companies Act: No 17 of 1982 and No 7 of 2007.