The Little Details...

Paragon Holidays is based in Sri Lanka, so we boast the experience and knowledge that comes from being a local right here, where your journey begins. what is here today may not be the same in the future, or it has changed for the better or worse. This is also why we are a handful to the mindful discerning traveller and the valued foreign agents alike. We keep our customers updated with the latest changes; be it a small detail of their accommodation, a Spa Menu or even a new experience.

When creating your Once in a lifetime Experience or a repeated visit to the same destination, you will see that our travel advisors will design your journey considering privacy, schedule, budget, and interests and discuss with you the detailed itinerary of your experiences and your travel style; if necessary, with relevant direct links to suppliers (except for Villas, as our own dedicated Villa website for Sri Lanka is just a click away).

Once you are satisfied, then we will advise you the little details and add our Paragon touch to your holiday.


Your experiences are delivered by a wealth of Travel experts from diverse backgrounds, from visiting Yoga practitioners and Pro-photographers, to Travel writers; from Naturalists to Historians and renowned Chefs, from Local Artists to international musicologists.

We also speak several languages unlike any company of this nature locally. We speak Spanish, Italian, French and English, as well as our two Local languages: Tamil and Sinhalese.        

The PARAGON brands are distinguishable with an exclusive style – True, Personal and Sustainable, and in accord with private surroundings.

While being part of a local reality, we are in tune with the wider world. We adapt effortlessly to host different cultures in an environment that evokes wellbeing, supported by exceptional service and attention to detail…This absorbing mixture helps us to save immense time of our prestigious customer and be able to craft an exclusive experience in one of the following themes, or all combined if desired so.