Knuckles Bungalow


1.30 Hours from Kandy. 4 Hrs from Colombo International Airport.

This Bungalow offers simple accommodation in the speechless Knuckles nature reserve.

This bungalow, bordered by Kobonilagala and Dubangala mountains, is perfect for those who would much prefer to be trekking outdoors and taking in nature’s glory than worrying about indoor facilities. There is no electricity cabling, telephone or TV here. The water is drawn from a natural spring and solar energy is used for lighting up a few bulbs at nigh and to heat the showers. The Cottage has two basic cottages that provide clean and comfortable accommodation. It is popular with researchers who come here to study the fascinating bio-diversity of the Knuckles Mountain region. Birding and trekking are the main activities and an experienced trekking guide is available to accompany guests. Treks ranging from short one hour trails to whole-day trails are on offer here. Best time to visit the Knuckles is the dry period from January to April: months to be avoided are from May to July, which is the windy season and October to December, which is the rainy season. Be aware of the Big Leeches here, especially outdoors!

The Simple Bungalow is on the northern route into the Knuckles via Digana, Hunnasigirya, and Kobonilla and is about 1.5 hours north west of Kandy. This roadway into the Knuckles is rural and winding and a four wheel drive would serve you better or even a motorbike. 


•    Eco holidays makers who enjoy outdoors and simplicity
•    Walks & Treks
•    Exploring Rural Village life in Sri Lanka
•    Romantic hideaways
•    Family Holidays
•    Naturalists


The main cottage has two bedrooms that can sleep up to 3 visitors in each room, a living area, small dining area and a kitchen. The second cottage located further up on the hill consists of one bedroom that can sleep up to 3 guests and has a covered terrace for dining. Bedrooms are furnished with single beds. The attached bathrooms have showers, wash basin, and w/c...Do not expect comfort here but Nature only...


•    Sri Lankan rice and curry is served here, prepared with fresh village vegetables. Being in a remote village, meats and fresh fish is limited. Chicken and canned fish may be available. A popular dessert here is curd and Kitul treacle which is tapped from the Kitul palm, an important mean of income generation for the villagers in this area.
•    The living area in the main cottage has plenty of information on the Knuckles Conservation Range. Corbet’s View is staffed by a manager who is well versed with the area and a resident caretaker who also cooks the meals. There is plenty of garden space here at Corbet’s View surrounded by rolling hills.
•    Laze in a hammock and take in the magnificent mountain views or go bird watching.
•    The Knuckles forest region has a rich composition of birdlife and has recorded over 130 species of birds. Over 10 migrant species are also found here.


•    Extensive treks are possible from here into the Knuckles conservation range. Located within the district of Kandy and Matale in central Sri Lanka, the Knuckles mountain range, so called because of its appearance resembles a set of knuckles of a clenched fist, consists of five mountain peaks and several other smaller peaks. With the highest point about 6,000 ft above sea level the Knuckles span an extensive region covering 155 sq. km of the island.
•     A wide variety of rare and endemic flora and fauna makes this wilderness area a storehouse of rich biodiversity. About 30 species of mammals have been recorded in the Knuckles wilderness. Four of them are endemic and nine are nationally endangered. Some of the common species include wild buffalo, wildboar, black-naped Hare, jackal, toque macaque & purple-faced leaf monkey, fishing cat, sambar and mouse deer.
•    Trek through dense forests, along rivers and waterfalls, past tea plantations and terraced paddy fields and visit some of the small rural village communities including Meemure.


•    The Best and least explored place of Sri lanka, completely off the beaten track
•    The Experience is unique
•    Amazing Sri Lankan meals, probably even vegetable you never tired: all organic production
•    Lots of different Curries
•    The Best Trekking Experiences  of Sri Lanka (Also ask us if you need to visit the other side of Knuckles and trek for extended knuckles stay)
•    Unspoilt and Clean Air


•    Not Recommended for more than 3 or 4 nights stay, unless you are on your honeymoon
•    Nothing Luxury here. Very simple style of living
•    No restaurants (unless the Local “ Kade” - the small shop which serves some local cheap food and Plain Tea - but be careful with consuming spicy “lunu Miriss” – Hot Chilie Sambol: in case you have a week stomach the rest of your holiday will be more toilet oriented, which wouldn’t be funny as it sounds!
•    Nights can be cold (Yes, cold in Sri Lanka!) and in case you only thought of bringing tropical clothes then it would be not practical here. But for the people from the Northest Hemispheres it is not really an issue.
•    You can get tired of Rice and Curry, as there are limited options when it comes to lunch. Dinner however should have some options like Rotti and Thosai, or Pittu and String Hoppers. For those who don’t mind real local food experience this is a way to try them all.


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