Your wedding or honeymoon should be the most unforgettable, thrilling holiday you've ever taken. It’s the perfect excuse to do something really special, whether staying in a luxury tented camp in one of the National Parks in Sri Lanka, relaxing on a tropical beach, just a stone throw away from your Villa or taking a luxury adventure through Sri Lanka before heading to the Maldives for a few days. We take into account your budget range and we are able to work with this and find you the best honeymoon or wedding package you can have.  We will be happy to discuss your thoughts about the kind of honeymoon you wish to experience, and the special touches you want it to include and offer our special gifts and complimentary surprises. Talk to us about our luxury honeymoons according to the style of honeymoon you’re looking for – but remember, as we are completely tailor-made, almost anything is possible.


A popular choice for honeymoons is something with an element of adventure. And if you prefer, could add a few days on a beach or at a spa destination too.


After all the fun and joy of a wedding day it’s wonderful to escape somewhere stunning and simply collapse on a golden beach for a week or two. Our beach destinations in Sri Lanka or Maldives are perfect ideal, or can be combined with a little trip around the island too.


From the temples and ruins of Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, add some culture to your honeymoon, or combine a cultural trip with a few idle days somewhere romantic.


If you want your honeymoon to have nothing excluded, extraordinary adventure of a lifetime to remember, we have plenty of great ideas to share with you –Sri Lanka and Maldives have unexpected surprises in positive way, and we can craft something completely new.


We are most happy to assist you to find the perfect private Villa for your Wedding in Sri Lanka. For more information contact us and visit our Villa in Sri Lanka website. We'll assist you to book a Villa and find the most suitable location for you and your guests.


Travel to Sri Lanka with a rich culinary heritage. Cook in stunning locations. Learn authentic recipes from our local cooks. Stop off for lunches in great locations and lunch with families in their homes. Shop in local markets for vegetables and spices. Taste some of the best street food available. In between cooking, interact with our cook, unwind and explore your local surroundings. The trip includes cooking demonstrations by Pali with visiting some of the island’s most spectacular sites, and staying in stunning, pleasant small hotels. This is a great way to immerse yourself in a local way of life, taste, and gastronomy.

Introduced in 2013, this gourmet food tour is led by a zealous Sri Lankan food expert. Experience the complete range of Sri Lankan and Southern Indian cuisine, from mouth-watering street food to the kitchens of the Raj’s. Pali will reveal fresh insight into how food is closely influenced by both the country’s religion and culture, and how each region’s character comes into its own in the kitchen.

In all its recorded history of over 4000 years, Sri Lankan cuisine has evolved from being a rustic, nomadic diet consisting of meat and grains to using indigenous and imported spices and fresh ingredients to create flavourful mouth-watering dishes. This journey has been a fascinating one – and the piecing together of the evolution of Sri Lankan cuisine even more so. 

Religious attitudes, civilisations and rituals the historical influences of the invaders are all deeply linked to the food and the eating habits of the people. The fascinating interplay of all these factors have resulted in complexities in Sri Lankan cuisine that is taken without any notice by locals and often goes unnoticed by visitors.  You will still be able to see how Buddhist Sinhalese food is different from the east coast Hindu Tamil meals or from the Colombo/Negombo "Burgher" Catholic/Christian (the Dutch and Portuguese descendants and those living in the West Coast of Sri Lanka), different from the Kandyan culinary taste, or even more different from the street food such as Kothu rotti with some chicken curry.

On this Experience, the culinary journey of just four cities, Negombo, the Cultural Triangle, Kandy (ancient kings' meals in traditional village house) with Nuwara Eliya (Tamil food) will bring to the front the diversity and difficulty of the cuisine but more importantly, you will experience a thorough insight on the culture of the people that is inseparable from the food they eat, with unique open-air, mobile cooking demonstrations. On this twelve-day culinary experience, find out not just the food of Sri Lanka but the culture behind the food.